Lumi Dental is enabling a better dental care treatment

Dental care is affecting people widely, as every other person is in need of some dental prosthetics treatment. Every year about 300.000 teeth are extracted in Finland, and only 4% of them are replaced with some prosthetics solution.

Compared to other European countries, not enough teeth are repaired in Finland. This is a cost burden for both the patient and the society. A missing tooth might cause embarrassment, hurt one’s self-esteem and make it more difficult to succeed in life.

Lumi Dental has conducted a survey among consumers. Based on the questionnaire results, independently on the income level, consumers regard dental care prices being too high. Price is the biggest obstacle for consumers to get their teeth fixed.

Lumi Dental’s innovative process is enabling 50 – 70 % more affordable dental prosthetics. With Lumi Dental solutions more and more people can afford to get their teeth fixed.

More affordable dental prosthetics mean about 25 – 35 % lower overall dental treatment care costs for the patient. This will help the dentist to recommend and make treatment plans with more durable prosthetics solutions for the patients.


removed teeth
every year.


of removed teeth are replaced.

feels tooth repair too expensive, regardless of the level of income.


Every second Finn has a removed or broken tooth


70% would fix their teeth if the price was more affordable.

Lumi Dental is ensuring the high quality dental prosthetics and affordable prices by manufacturing the products in China and collaborating with a dental university professor.

The benefits we offer are: 1) substantially more affordable prices than with manufacturing the same prostheses in Europe and 2) outstanding quality with highly automated processes. We have selected carefully all the laboratories we are using, they all have ISO 9001 certificates and all the CE-approved materials are of high quality. The supervisors in the laboratories are trained and originating from Germany. World-renowned specialist in dental prosthetics and implantology materials, docent, professor Jukka P. Matinlinna, is regularly following up the laboratory operations and is also helping them to select the best available materials.

Our flexible and smooth logistics processes enable a reliable international trading and secure transactions. We offer high quality dental prosthetics to dentists with affordable prices.

”I have personally visited the laboratories in Shenzhen, China, and ensured that their quality is extremely good and reliable.”

Jukka P. Matinlinna, Docent, Professor

Why Lumi Dental?

Hiqh-quality prosthodontics

Our dental prosthetics are manufactured in ISO 9001-certified laboratories with CE-approved materials. We also cooperate with a dental university professor. Social responsibility audit done by 3th party. GDPR compliant.

Easy and modern ordering system

Our effortless and fast ordering, tracking and traceability will save you time and costs, enabling your focus on productive work.

Affordable prices

Affordable price increases demand for prosthetics and enables dental restoration to patients. Lumi Dental’s prosthetics are up to 50-70% cheaper than the average in Finland.