Lumi prosthodontics

Lumi Dental offers all fixed dental prosthetics products, like crowns, bridges, abutments and implant prosthetics, with high quality and affordable prices. In our products, we will only use scientifically verified, reliable and safe materials, like e.max, zirconia, metallo-ceramics and metal alloys (also gold).

Our offering covers also acrylic dental prosthesis and frameworks from various materials. With all our products we focus on the best quality-price ratio on the markets. Therefore, Lumi Dental is the best choice!


BEGO implants

BEGO implants are best described with characteristics of high quality, easiness to use and fair pricing. BEGO is a family owned company with a history since 1890 in Germany. BEGO has been manufacturing dental implants already for more than 25 years. BEGO has a wide product portfolio, which will provide all you need for any kind of implant dentistry case.


Lumiliners clear aligners

Lumiliner is the most competitive orthodontic clear aligner system.  The treatment method is convenient, discreet and comfortable to use. With the removable, nearly invisible Lumiliner aligners the desired end result is usually achieved in 5–12 months.


Lumi Putty and Light impression materials

A necessary prerequisite for a high quality dental prosthetics is a high quality impression. The impression material that can be mixed by hand, has been designed for 1- and 2-phased ”putty / wash technique” and is suitable for all crown, bridge, inlay and onlay impressions. LUMI Putty silicone impression material is manufactured in Germany.