We revolutionalised
the dental prosthetics pricing

Do you want to join the team to ensure far better dental well being and to build more profitable dental treatment business for yourself?

The objective of Lumi Dental is to offer far better and more durable solutions for both you and your patients.

Dental prosthetics prices in Finland are among the most expensive in Europe. High prices are limiting the possibilities of both the patients and dentists to select the best possible solutions.

More than 70 % of Finns would get their teeth fixed if the prices would be more affordable*.
*Nationally representative questionnaire survey by Bilendi Oy in Finland in November 2017.

We will direct the customer flow to you

’Suut kuntoon’ – marketing campaign is targeting the message at the average Finns. They are the ones, who are suffering from missing or low esthetic teeth or who think that dental prosthetics has been too expensive.

The campaign will raise the awareness about the substantially more affordable solutions Lumi Dental is currently offering and will activate the consumers to seek dental treatment from Lumi Dental partnering dentists.

We will do the marketing for you

The www.suutkuntoon.fi website has already now been visited by thousands of consumers, who are seeking for fair and reliable dentists.

We have initiated to market the web site already in social media and will be widening the marketing to national media.